About Us

The Kingsport Senior Center is a community center reserved for those aged 50 years and up. The facility includes a fitness center, a computer lab, a pottery workshop with 3 kilns, basketball courts, shuffleboard, a billiards room, and a workshop. Activities offered are exercise programs, intellectual programs, social programs and wellness programs.

The Kingsport Senior Center is a community resource dedicated to enriching the quality of life for area seniors.

Location and Hours of Operation:

Main Site – Renaissance Building:

1200 E. Center Street Kingsport, TN 37660
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:00A.M. to 7:00P.M.; Saturday: 9:00A.M.-12:00Noon.


Meet Our Staff!

  1. Director – Shirley Buchanan : shirleybuchanan@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8403
  2. Branch Coordinator – Michelle Tolbert : michelletolbert@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8404
  3. Branch Assistant – Dianne Broyles : diannebroyles@kingsporttn.gov | 423-765-9047
  4. Wellness Coordinator – Kevin Lytle : kevinlytle@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8407
  5. Program Leader – Amber Quillen : amberquillen@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8402
  6. Program Leader – Lori Calhoun : loricalhoun@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8405
  7. Office Assistant – Dierra Salyer : dierrasalyer@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8400
  8. Program Assistant – Beth Freeman : bethfreeman@kingsporttn.gov | 423-343-9713
  9. Program Assistant – vacant
  10. Secretary – LeAnna Hickman : leannahickman@kingsporttn.gov | 423-392-8400


The Senior Center Advisory Council is a diverse group of members and community leaders, appointed by the Mayor, who oversee policies and procedures. The mission of the Council is to identify needs and make recommendations to improve services of the Center, advise, and assist in the implementation of policies and to interface with the senior community, the Kingsport Senior Center staff and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.


Mary Porter (Chairman)

Brenda Cunningham

Pat Breeding

Frances Cottrell

Laurel McKinney

Darrell Duncan

Linda Gemayel

Deborah Eury

Richard Currie

Peter Shang

Lisa Shipley