Senior Center Membership

How to become a Member:

To be a member of the Kingsport Senior Center, one must be 50 years old or the spouse of a member, fill out an application in person or online (If online, bring ID), visit the center and pay the fee. Our membership year correlates with City of Kingsport’s fiscal year, which is from July 1 – June 30.

Seniors who get Silver Sneakers through their Insurance are eligible for their Membership to be FREE, so be sure to check with your insurance company.

Membership fees are due July 1; however, they cannot be pro-rated.

Kingsport City
Sullivan County
All Other Counties

Membership Benefits:

  • When you become a member you get complete access to everything our facility offers.
  • We have a Pool Room, Card Room, Exercise Room, Ceramics Studio, Lounge, Gymnasium, Dining Hall, Atrium, Computer Lab, and Woodshop.
  • Members also get full access to our Branch Sites and everything they offer.
  • Furthermore, members are able to take classes, attend seminars and events, as well as go on trips.

*** Members also have free access of the Aquatic Center Pool from 8-11 on Weekdays and get 20% off of any water Aerobics Classes***


A visitor is anyone at the Senior Center who is not a member. Visitors are expected to announce their presence at the office when they arrive.

The Kingsport Senior Center recognizes two different types of visitors:

  • Prospective member:
    50 years or older
    The prospective member may visit the Center four times without joining.
  • Guest visitor:
    An individual who does not meet the age requirement but is an out-of-town relative or houseguest of a member.

     Visitors are not allowed to use the exercise room, the woodshop, or participate in any aerobics/ exercise classes.

Senior Center Membership FAQS

What is SilverSneakers?

  • SilverSneakers is a program provided through some insurance companies encouraging physical activity.

How can I become a SilverSneaker?

  • Because SilverSneakers is a program offered by Insurance Companies, you would need to contact your insurance company and see if they offer the program.

Where can I find what the Center is offering each month?

  • The Center provides a free monthly newsletter that comes out the last Thursday of every month, located in the Purple Newspaper box across from the Front Office.
  • Additionally, the Newsletter is uploaded here on the website under the Newsletter tab on the main menu, as well as an option to sign-up for our email subscription to the Monthly Newsletter.

How long does my membership last?

  • KSC Memberships last from July 1 to June 30; however, they are not prorated.

Can I Sign up for Events before the sign up date?

  • We try and make everything as equal as possible; therefore, you would not be able to sign-up before the set date.

How long after joining the Center can I use the facility?

  • Provided that you turned in the application and paid the fee, you can use the facility immediately.

If an event says it’s a SilverSneakers event or class, can I still attend it?

  • Non-SilverSneakers members can attend also.

What all does my SilverSneakers do for me regarding the KSC?

  • By being a SilverSneaker, your membership fee is covered. However, it doesn’t cover any additional costs for classes or events.
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